Monday, October 13, 2008

In The Works

The joy of making pots is here! I am throwing small white clay bowls as I rebuild my stock. It is my special blend of white clay I used in the early 80's. It throws like butter and will be fun to glaze.
I have also been gathering leaves and pressing them into the clay for some unique leaf pots. It is a pleasure to hand pick each leaf to press into clay.
Oh, and I cannot make it through the fall without my Kokopelli soup blends. They make great, not to expensive gifts with the soup bowls.
I have my old favorite Zuni Pot of Gold bean soup and two more faster cooking soups, Green Chili Corn Chowder and Tortilla Soup. They are all good as directed buy I love to add things to them and extend the flavors and experiment. I will carry these through the winter and they all run about $6 per package.
The money helps benefit a dig in St. John Arizona and I have been there. Some of you may remember me telling the story about seeing the rabbit chase the snake and bite it. That is where it happened. What an omen or did the snake rob the rabbit's nest?
I'll get pictures up of all these items for sale soon!

And, I am beginning to create angels too!